Video Surveys

If you need a quote for your removal project but want to avoid people entering your home or business premises, we can help. Simon Long Removals Gloucester are now offering video removal surveys, meaning that we can put together a free, no-obligation quote for your removal without having to physically inspect your property.

These video surveys can be carried out at a time and date that works for you, making things even simpler. Here’s what the process of booking a video survey looks like:

  • Book a time slot – simply get in touch by phone or using our contact form and let us know what works for you.
  • Before the survey – you will log in to your online appointment to find our surveyor ready to greet you. You can use your phone or tablet’s camera to give the surveyor an idea of what the space looks like and the items that need moving.
  • After the survey – once the survey is complete, your surveyor will start working on a quote which will be sent over to you for your consideration.

And there you have it. A video survey with Simon Long Removals Gloucester really is that quick and easy, so hopefully this gives you some peace of mind before your move. If you would like to arrange a video survey with us, all you have to do is get in touch.