Storage and Storage units in Gloucester & the South West

Here at Simon Long Removals Gloucestershire, we aim to make storage simple. We have secure storage facilities in Gloucester that are monitored by CCTV for utmost security and are fully insured.

Storage is a convenient and affordable space saver, and is a useful solution for:

  • Students who need somewhere to store belongings over the holidays
  • Business owners with excess equipment to stow away
  • Homeowners who are protecting delicate furniture or family heirlooms
  • Anyone who wants to keep valuable belongings safe and guarded
  • The interim between selling and purchasing or renovating a new property

Commercial Storage

If your business needs to store away excess equipment for another day, commercial storage can be the solution you’re searching for. Make space for your premises by tucking away any excess furniture for the future.

Furniture Storage

Delicate furniture needs to be properly looked after in a secure, dry environment. If you’re looking for premier furniture storage in the Gloucester region and beyond, the team at Simon Long Removals Gloucestershire can help.

Personal Storage and Student Storage

If you’re a student and you need to store some items for when you go home after a term ends, we can help. We offer simple and affordable storage solutions for students, so you won’t need to compromise your busy schedule when you choose us.

What Not to Put In a Self Storage Unit

If you’re wondering what sort of items you can’t put in a self storage unit, here’s a list that you can refer to:

Food and perishable items: food attracts pests, which is something that storage facilities want to steer clear of, so perishable items are a no-no.

Strong scented items: strong scented items, such as scented candles, can also be attractive to pets, so these are also something to avoid. If they are in a properly sealed container however, then this might be OK.

Money/cash: if you have some cash that you would like to store, a storage facility really isn’t the place to do so, instead, use a bank or a safety deposit box.

Unused vehicles: you can store a vehicle in a storage unit if you’d like, but it must be properly registered, insured and operational; a storage facility isn’t a place to keep an old banger no-one’s using.

Electronics: we wouldn’t recommend storing electronics in a storage facility, as they might not fare so well in the extreme cold of winter.

To find out more about any of our storage options, simply contact us by calling 01452 902 114 (or your local number) or filling out our online form – we can offer free, no-obligation quotes to all customers.

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