Hiring a Van Vs a Professional Removals Company

Moving your possessions into a new property can be achieved one of two ways: either by hiring a van and undertaking all tasks yourself or by using a professional removals company who will oversee the entire process on your behalf. In this article, we’ll be weighing up the pros and cons of each option to determine which is the best choice for saving time, reducing costs and preventing injury.


Your time is precious, and moving day is no exception. Having undergone an arduous process of securing a new property, most movers simply want to cross over the finish line and move over their items as quickly as possible.

Hiring a removals company will cut down on moving time significantly. Moving companies have a wealth of experience packing, loading and unloading items and have consequently gained the ability to do so quickly and safely.

In addition, removals companies can bring a van large enough to transport all your items in a single trip, based on an initial enquiry. A hire van probably won’t be big enough to transport all your items in one go. You’ll likely need to make multiple trips, which will take longer and is harmful to the environment.

Man walking down street with suitcase, white van stuck in traffic


Safety should be a major consideration in any decision you make. In the case of moving your items, you need to consider both the safety of your items and the safety of the lifter.

Opting for a professional removals company will guarantee the safest moving process. Professional movers have years of experience moving items and understand the safest methods for transporting valuable goods. In the unlikely event that anything does happen to your item, you will be covered by insurance and will receive compensation. Plus, an experienced lifter will be accustom to lifting heavier items and will be better equipped to do so safely.


One of the main attractions of hiring a van yourself instead of a professional moving company is the cost — but is all as it seems? While it’s true that you may not be paying for any services, such as packing, loading and unloading the van, you will still be responsible for payment of the following:

  • Hiring the van itself
  • Packing materials
  • Insurance (or risk damaging your items)
  • Petrol (possibly for multiple journeys)
  • Reimbursing those that help you move — as you likely won’t be able to lift everything on its own!

These costs can end up being equally, or perhaps even more expensive, than simply hiring an affordable moving company.

A large white and red Simon Long removals van

For the most reliable, hassle-free moving experience, trust in a professional removals company. Simon Long Removals Gloucester have over 20 years’ experience facilitating moves in the UK and overseas. We offer an expert packing service, full insurance cover and even storage facilities if needed. To enquire further, contact our team today.