Final Things to Ask the Seller Before Moving Home

Questions to ask the seller before moving home

If you’ve ever moved house before, you’ll know just how frantic things can be right up until moving day. You’re trying to cram in some final packing, you’ve got bills to sort and moving vans to book, so you would be forgiven for not having too much contact with the seller. That said, you don’t…
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Common Mistakes People Make When Moving House

Moving house mistakes

Moving house is equal parts exciting and challenging, but making rookie mistakes can only add to the challenge. To make a success of a house move, it takes careful planning along with making sure you have the finer details ironed out, as well as the bigger tasks.  In this article, we’ll explore some of the…
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How To Effectively Pack When Moving House

packing materials

Article updated 11/11/2020 Moving house doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, you might consider it as a  therapeutic way to get your life in order and a positive way to declutter your storage. By planning in advance and organising your boxes, you’ll be able to make your house move in 2021 a whole lot…
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